Belt conveyors

The transportation of parts and goods is a decisive factor in the production process. Belt coneyors are applied for most of these transport tasks. NEUHÄUSER develops and manufactures standard belt conveyors, as well as conveyors that are tailored to meet specific requirements. The ingenious combination of belt material, drive types, control systems and many other components ensures trouble-free continuous duty over many years. NEUHÄUSER belt conveyors are used around the globe. Benefit from the expertise of the NEUHÄUSER group of companies.Permanent-magnetic and non-magnetic belt conveyors. For use in punching and pressing tools and to remove good parts and scrap parts. As a linkage conveyor between the individual processing machines and as an assembly belt for transporting from A to B.

  Permanent magnetic and non-magnetic conveyor belts

For use in punching dies, pressing tools and for removing stock parts and clippings. As interlinked conveyors between the processing machinery and as assembly line transfer from A to B.

  Special conveyor belts

Special belt conveyors are individually used for parts that are difficult to handle. The conveyors are matched to the specific task and the requirements of the presses. They can be equipped with height and width adjustments, length telescoping, upward positioning ledges and much more.


  Curved belt conveyors

The curved belt conveyor featuring novel technology has been tried and tested in continuous operation in the car industry and is suitable for different transportation tasks such as those found on production, packaging, storage and loading lines. Drive can be provided via small driver rollers at both ends where the rotational speed corresponds to the respective belt speed at the curve radius. As such, reverse operation is also possible. The curve angles and nominal widths are matched to customer requirements.



Mode of Operation

Belt conveyors can be supplied as permanent-magnetic and non-magnetic types. The outer dimensions of the two variants are identical.

The permanent-magnetic belt conveyor safely and reliably transports the pressed and punched parts from presses, punching machines and other machine tools, as well as sheets of all types, nails, screws and bolts and many other ferromagnetic parts, even with integrated steep-incline sections.

Small parts (e.g. punchings) are centred on the belt by the magnetic system in order to prevent them from getting under the belt. The suspended transportation of parts can be offered as a special option.

Piece goods of all kinds can be transported safely and reliably with the non-magnetic belt conveyor. The belt qualities that are most suitable for the different tasks will be selected.

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