NEUHÄUSER offers optimal solutions for the preparation of cooling lubricants. These include automatic magnet filters, compact and paperband filters, customised plants (such as coolant preparation plants with conveying equipment, pre-filters and main filters), coolant tanks with pumps, cooling units as well as the respective control systems.


The NEUHÄUSER delivery programme for the separation of ferrous parts from bulk goods comprises manual and automatic equipment and systems. These range, from plate magnets and magnetic grids through to overhead magnetic separators, separating drums, separating chutes and belt rollers (and many more besides).

Separation units are used by  manufacturers and operators of shotblast machinery, in mill operations, the plastic and recycling industry, gravel pits and mining operations as well as in textile and wood-working industries. NEUHÄUSER offers different components for complex requirements involving conveying and separation technology. A wide variety of electrically operated permanent magnet systems is available. These are supplemented by the respective electrical control systems, magnetic sheet separators for fanning the sheets in de-stacking operations as well as permanent-magnet transport rollers and holding systems.

NEUHÄUSER also installs complete systems with all of the required accessories. Following installation, NEUHÄUSER engineers carry out the commissioning and optimisation of the system. NEUHÄUSER quality is our top priority for all projects.

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