Highlights of magnet and conveyor engineering


gurtbandförderer                         magnetsysteme    scharnierförderer    zahnriemenförderer 
Belt conveyors   Magnet systems   Slat-band chain conveyors   Toothed belt conveyor
The range of products in the field of belt conveyor technology is diverse. Conveyors are available in a wide variety of models. Typical applications can be found in the packaging, beverage, and automobile industries.


Magnet systems are suitable for separating, holding, transporting and stacking steel sheets.
  The slat-band chain conveyor is an expedient addition to the well-established slide conveyor and has been especially designed to transport ferromagnetic chips, scrap and good parts.   NEUHÄUSER-Toothed belt conveyors are designed to transport ferromagnetic or non-magnetic plates, either suspended or placed on top.
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